On-Site Wellness Programs

  • On-Site Wellness Program: Our wellness programs provide you with an economical way to give the employees easy access to risk assessments, health screenings, wellness coaching, stress reduction, and much more. Each On-Site Wellness Program can be attuned to your employees’ needs and company spreadsheet, a win-win interest providing for everyone.

At our Wellness Program, we take time to understand and figure that, evaluate and invest in the employee’s health is critical in maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of the staff. Employees are a business’s strong suit, so improving the health and wellbeing of the individuals in the workplace will ultimately have a positive effect on their efficiency and accountability at work.

Indicare’s trained health and wellness professionals can attune workplace wellness programs with their certain needs or areas of concern within a company so that employees get the utmost of the health and wellness program.

Our Wellness Program offers a strategic mix of integrated health and wellness services, which combine to educate, support and inspire your employees to better health.

Wellness Program Includes:

  • Corporate Health Risk Assessments
  • On-Site Wellness Coaching
  • On-Site Nutrition Consults
  • On-Site Pharmacist Consult
  • Stress Reduction Program
  • Series of Speaker Bureau Education
  • Fresh Start: Weight Control Program
  • Concerted Great Shape Corporate Program


CORPORATE HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT: The HRA allows candidates to improve their health and wellbeing by prioritizing the efforts. Each candidate receives a customized results letter. In inclusion, with anyone that had an abnormal result, then our certified coaches will call to follow-up. All employees can attend an individualized follow-up session to review results and create a health improvement plan. An executive summary of results will be available to help companies plan and prioritize health and wellness programming.

ON-SITE WELLNESS COACHING: Our certified wellness coaches provide support and accountability for candidates wanting to make healthy behavior changes. Coaching is ideal for candidates who have high-risk health behaviors or multiple health issues.

ON-SITE NUTRITION CONSULTS: On-Site Nutrition Consults gives candidates access to registered dietitians to analyse eating habits and healthy cooking. Our dietitians are available onsite to meet with candidates.

ON-SITE PHARMACIST CONSULTS: Our pharmacists are available to provide medication analysis and to assess opportunities for cost savings for employees and your organization. Pharmacists meet with candidates on a one-on-one basis.

STRESS REDUCTION PROGRAM: This Program offers employees an opportunity to learn and understand how to find balance and stress through the technique of relaxation. This series of classes are outlined for employees who want to learn new strategies to manage stress so that they can relish a healthier life.

SERIES OF SPEAKER BUREAU EDUCATION: Our healthcare professionals team  is available to speak to employee groups in sessions. Topics can include, but are not limited to, eating for health, nutrition options for kids, healthy snacking, stress management, grocery tips and understanding food labels, fitness strategies and motivation, and healthy eating for the holidays.

FRESH START-WEIGHT CONTROL PROGRAM: This progressive and customizable program includes:

  1. At the beginning and the end of the program, a health risk assessment offered to the candidates for tracking progress and overall results.
  2. With registered dietitian and exercise physiologist weekly onsite weigh-ins will be done.
  3. One-on-one wellness coaching appointments.
  4. Lunch & Learn sessions featuring topics of your choice
  5. Report weekly with the progression data.