Dedicated Advanced Tele-Support

  • Your employees are what make your corporation check, and retaining quality employees means offering quality benefits. A corporate wellness package not only ensures your employees’ health, but your company’s health as well including customized telehealth monitoring program as a part.

With an Advanced Tele-Support, employees can work with a health professional on an individual basis to Monitor symptoms and overall health, Improve nutrition goals, learn and understand more about how to improve overall well being.

Employee wellness programs, by nature, are all about upgrading quality of employees’ life and lifestyle. Your corporate wellness program can arise even more and even start to become a profitable part of your business with Advanced Tele-Support. Anchoring on patient therapy, a patient support program compliance e.g. Diabetes, Tuberculosis, etc. The program also identifies gaps in the existing health delivery mechanisms and propose effective strategies and provide interventions for plugging the identified gaps, including potential opportunities of collaboration among the various collaborators. With a direct reduction in costs and improved performance, our program will:

  • Decrease the cost of insurance
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Provide a healthier workforce
  • Decrease costs due to worker illness/absenteeism
  • Fit within the corporate environment and adapt to company culture
  • Capability of implementing project across India.
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Dedicated call center for patient engagement
  • Outcome based program