Connected Wearables

Wearables or wearable devices are the latest entrants in the field of electronic devices. These wearable devices take the form of accessories like eyewear or a wrist device while there are others which are integrated into any piece of clothing like T-shirts or caps. Wearables not only perform basic tasks of computing as laptops or mobile devices, but it has also surpassed hand-held device by providing users with sophisticated features like tracking their biological functions like heart-rate, calories burned among others. They are made available to users in many form for their preference be it Implantables which users carry with them wherever they go as they are implanted under the skin through surgeries in various forms like tattoos, pacemakers or defibrillators; or be it Smart Jewellery or Fitness Trackers which keep track of the number of steps users take when they put it on, monitor heart rate and give an accurate data of the calories burned.