AI Driven HRA

Al-Driven HRA: The INDICARE Health Risk Assessment (HRA) helps participants take the first pace to better health.

By completing the HRA, participants learn the stress they feel and the activities they do affect their health, how the foods they eat – and much more ahead.

The HRA’s main objectives are:

  • Assess health status.
  • Estimation of the health risk level.
  • Inform and provide feedback to motivate behavior change to reduce health risks.
  • Address gaps in preventive care (such as the need for vaccinations and preventive screenings).
  • Pinpoint the need for referral to a healthcare provider for consideration of medication changes to optimize risk reduction.
  • For triaging and referral to lifestyle management by arranging individuals, condition management and other programs involving different intensities of intervention.

This appropriate, evidence-based and confidential online assessment considers health history, lifestyle habits, laboratory test results and other relevant information to conclude health status and risk factors for many important persistent conditions.

When the assessment has been completed for once, participants are offered with immediate and valuable attuned feedback about their health including individualized reports and recommendations to help them optimize their health by taking other appropriate preventive actions and by leading a healthier lifestyle.