Indicare | How do We Plan Workplace Wellness?
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How do We Plan Workplace Wellness?

We follow a strict process when it’s about healthcare at workplace. Our approach follows the given process:


  1. Determine the needs of employer and employee
  2. Analyze the data and create a customized and personalized plan


Deciding factors:

  1. Average age of employees
  2. Gender
  3. Industry (Hospitality, Automobile, BPO, ITES, Manufacturing, services etc.)
  4. Industry wise statuary medical requirements
  5. Work schedules
  6. Current status of health
  7. Outcome oriented Health ,fitness and nutrition implementation
  8. Create a communication plan
  9. Put an incentive plan in place
  10. Evaluation of the Program on regular intervals

Assessment of Employee’s Health



  • Comprehensive Health Check
  • Medical Room Management
  • Personalized Specialty Consultations

Data Analytics



  • Covering Major Ailments
  • Age & Gender Based
  • Current vs Predictive Analysis

Medical Intervention Programs



  • Analytics based Chronic Care  Program
  • Regular Awareness Program
  • ‘Targeted’ solutions to Problems diagnosed